Okay, y’all…a rant. So I had a doctor’s appoitment this afternoon (I’m fine, thank you), so I worked from home at the end of the day, just to finish a few things up. Well, I don’t have wireless in my house, so I set up shop in the reception room of my apartment complex. No big deal, I’ve done it before.

Well today, some dude comes in and decides to play pool. I’m okay with that, I’m used to lots of noise when I’m working so it’s not a problem. After all, it is a common area, so I can’t expect to monopolize it. HOWEVER, it was his behavior while shooting pool that was OBNOXIOUS.

I’ve played pool before. Other than the initial break, the shots aren’t that noisy. ALL OF HIS SHOTS WERE NOISY. Also, if you are playing pool by yourself, it is NOT necessary for you to get all angry and cuss like a sailor because the ball didn’t go in the pocket! I mean REALLY, old balding man, GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF!!! And did he stop at one game of obnoxious pool? NO! He played twice! AND, while he was playing, he got UNCOMFORTABLY close to me and stuck his butt in my face while shooting – he didn’t even apologize or anything! GROSS.

So that is my rant. Oh, and for your viewing pleasure, here is the stealthy picture I snapped of him (ignore the bad lighting, I had to disable the flash for obvious reasons).

A special shout out to Lindsay, Sarah and Lindsey for listening to this rant via G-chat. You guys are troopers. Also, some of you may be suprised (as Sarah was) that this is not a photo of a young, attractive man. Do you think this post would have been a rant if that were the case? No. Plus, all of the young, attractive male pool players are doing so at a bar, where they can meet chicks.

And now I’m going to go bake. Because that’s what I do.


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