Oh. My. Gosh. you guys!!! I’ve been waiting a few days to tell you this because I had to let it sink in and be 100% true it was for real – but I am SO happy to announce that Chad and I are going to MEXICO December 9-13!!! It will be our very first trip together and Chad’s first trip out of the country. I cannot tell you just how excited I am about this – I LOVE to travel, and I love Chad, so this is the best of both worlds!!

Chad surprised me on Wednesday night by saying “You need to request off of work, and research which cruise you want to go on in December – we’re going.” That’s all I needed to hear!! Needless to say, I was ALL OVER IT and could not have been happier or more surprised. Chad knows how much I love surprises and “just because” things (not to mention my OCD love of planning!), so it’s like I got multiple gifts – the surprise, the planning and the trip itself :)

We decided to combine his birthday (December 8), Christmas and my birthday (February 7) into one big present. We got a great deal on the cruise and I am anxiously counting down the days until we are living it up on the Carnival Elation. We’re leaving out of Mobile, Alabama, and will be gone for 4 days, stopping in Cozumel, Mexico for some beach frolicking. What’s better, Carnival upgraded our room because I’m a past guest and because it’s Chad’s birthday – we’ll also receive the anniversary package because we weren’t able to celebrate our 3rd anniversary in July because Chad was busy moving to Little Rock! It’s like 4 holidays in 1!!! HOLLA!!!

The last time I went on a cruise to Cozumel it was with my BESTIE (Lindsay) and the good doctor (Andrew), and that was definitely a good time. This trip will be a little different – no longer am I a single 21 year old in her senior year of college – but it will definitely be amazing :)

46 days!!!


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