Friends! We’re Making Friends!


When I left Austin, I thought I would never like Houston because all of my friends were in Austin. Then, when I left Houston, I thought I would hate Little Rock because all of my friends were in Houston & Austin. Now, one month into my new locale, I’m starting to make new friends! My Houston and Austin friends are by no means ever going to be replaced, but there is something to be said for proximity – thus, the friend circle must grow larger. Make room!

First, my work friend Sara. She’s the only one my age (in our 20’s), and she is a ball of sass. She is also a huge college football, country music and happy hour lover – obviously, she had me at hello.

Then there are our church friends – Chris and Jennifer Ahne invited us to their home for dinner last week, and we were joined by Andrew and Sarah Their-Last-Name-Escapes-Me-Right-Now-But-I-Love-Them. Andrew is hilarious and his wife Sarah is absolutely adorable. Chris and Jennifer have an amazing dynamic and the CUTEST 1 year old daughter, Kate. Chad and I are in their Adult Bible Fellowship group at our church, and all signs are pointing to an awesome group. Also among the list of church friends are Harry and Rachel Golden. Harry is from Kingwood – apparently I can’t escape you Kingwood bubble dwellers! – and Rachel is from Little Rock. They’re SO sweet and the first people that ever spoke to us in church – love them already.

We also have Chad’s TV friends – Jeff (the Chief), Kelly and Candi (I haven’t even met her yet, but I love her – she’s a Longhorn…say no more!). Chad goes hiking up Pinnacle on Saturdays with Jeff and Kelly, and we all go out for drinks on some Saturdays after the news – mmm, cocktails.

My Twitter friends – Say what you will about Twitter, but the people behind those hashtags and handles are really nice and welcoming. I’ve only met two LRtweeps in real life so far, but I love them both. Katie is a PR/marketing gal for the Arkansas Museum of Discovery, and Joel is a lawyer (who doubles as a member of the TV friends – he knows everyone at the station and is the resident expert on cocktails and all things booze). I had to miss the LRtweeup last week because I worked from home Thursday afternoon, and refused to come all the way back into town only to rush over to the Ahne’s house for dinner.

But fear not, Texas friends – you’re still #1 in my heart :) I miss you all like crazy, so please note on your calendars that I will be home December 18-26 and would love to see as many of you as possible!


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