People, today was a monumental day at the office. I was busy from start to finish and am HEAVILY involved in the planning and execution of a very important company-wide vision rollout, etc. A 30 minute conference call turned into 4+ hours, but the result was EXCELLENT and people are already recognizing the hard work I put into everything and the high standard I hold myself to.

I am SO excited about what is to come and look forward to LOTS of professional growth in a number of areas. In a related note, my boss and one of my coworkers are out of the office this week, so they’ve been leaning on me heavily to make sure no balls drop (even though it’s my 2nd full week). Things have gone on seamlessly and everyone seems to be pleased – I really couldn’t ask for more!

For those of you who listened to me cry or be nervous during the first two weeks at the job, thank you. I am glad I have such great friends that can be there for me even when I’m freaking out (even if it’s over nothing) and who love me nonetheless :) I’m not saying the freaking out is going to stop, but just know that I don’t take your lending an ear for granted! I love you all!


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