Family Visit


Hello friends! Sorry for the delayed post, but I’ve been busy at work – YAY!!! This is a good thing and one that I hope continues :)

As you know, my family came to Little Rock for the first time this past weekend. Mom, Kourtney and Payton got in around 1:30 on Friday, and while I was still at work Chad took them to get burgers, fries and milkshakes – clearly he knows the way to their hearts :) Like the true gentleman that he is, Chad bought their meal and brought them back to my place for some relaxation and funny conversation until I arrived at 3:30. Everyone was in good spirits when I arrived, further proof that Chad is a champion and that everyone (my family included) loves him!

Later that night, after we hung out at the house for a while, we headed to Bravo for a buffet of appetizers and adult beverages. I’m not sure that I’ve ever gone out for cocktails with my own mother before, but it was a great time! We sat outdoors and enjoyed the warm (but not too warm) Arkansas night. We were there for several hours before we finally ventured home and off to bed.

Saturday we woke up early and went to the Little Rock Zoo. Yes, I’ve already been there with Chad, but you try telling a 3-year-old who’s hell-bent on seeing giraffes that you’d rather do something else – NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. But we had a nice time at the zoo :) After a failed attempt to peruse the River Market (it was WAY too hot and Payton was WAY too tired for outdoor shopping), we went home until it was time for the VIP treatment.

By “VIP treatment” I mean Chad had to go to work, so on his dinner break he graciously offered to show the family around the TV station. They’d never been inside a TV station before, so it was really cool and exciting for them (and it still is for me, I must admit). We took a few fun pictures behind the news desk and Chad showed off his weather stuff, but then it was time to head home for the Texas/Texas Tech game. Thankfully, we won, or the trip would have ended on a much less happy note :)

Sadly, the family had to leave bright and early Sunday morning – even before I started getting ready for church – for the long drive back to Houston. But from what I hear, the trip – although short – was a lot of fun, and we’re already looking forward to the next one (whenever that may be).

I’ll post pictures from this weekend soon – thanks for coming to visit mommy, sissy and monkey!

PS – who’s next?! Plenty of room in Arkansas for all of you to come visit :)


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