A Whole New World


Well guys, I made it! I’m safe and sound in Little Rock with all my belongings and sanity intact. Papa and I left at 4:08 AM (the plan was to leave at 4:30, but we’re overachieving Cochran’s, so I should have known better) and made it to Little Rock at 11:50 AM, even with a 30 minute breakfast stop and 3 restroom/gas stops. WE. ROCK. (Also, we went the speed limit the entire way and were in a U-Haul, so you could probably make it in 6.5 hours from Houston – JUST SAYIN’.)

The whole apartment is already set up – every box is unpacked, every decoration is hung and the cable is hooked up (just in time for college football kickoff tonight)! I think it looks really good and I promise to post pictures soon – I’ll have to do it from Chad’s because I don’t have internet at my place and can’t get to the CPU in my apartment’s business center.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who sent the nicest Facebook, Twitter and text messages – you are all WONDERFUL and I love you!!! I am so blessed to have the support that I do :)


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