The End of an Era


Well, today is my last day at Pierpont. It’s been a great 2.5 years and I’ve learned a lot from everyone here, and I’m excited to take the lessons learned into my new chapter of life. I’ll miss my coworkers – Lindsey, Clint, Emily, Lisa, Rachael, Brian, Jordan, Sarah, Chris, Sally and everyone else – but there are new friendships to be made and new adventures to be had!

I also had the great pleasure of spending the morning with my good friend Erika. Erika and I met last year in the Houston’s First Baptist singers, and God has blessed me so much through our friendship. She has been with me through the lowest of lows and the highest of highs, always giving me the love and support I needed. She’s just one more example of how amazing my friends are, and how God really gives us the people we need right when we need them.

So goodbye, Pierpont. Goodbye, Houston. Goodbye friends and family and everything I’ve ever known. I will not forget nor forsake you – you will always be with me in heart, mind and spirit. It’s been a good 24.5 years!

…but please keep your couches, spare bedrooms, etc. open for me – you know I’ll be visiting a lot!


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